All Inbox provides our data partners with a turn-key operation that includes creative development of your newsletter template, content selection and advertising optimization, deliverability and compliance expertise, dedicated account management, and online reporting.

Our secret sauce is our attention to the consumer experience. Our advertorial format allows us to provide consumers with engaging content, and advertising selection is always relevant to your brand/vertical. This, along with our ability to consistently inbox, enables All Inbox to deliver the best ROI possible.
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Problem Solver
For the past several years data owners have had to battle with diminishing net returns on their data monetization efforts, inconsistent monthly revenue from their list monetization partners, and uncontrollable re-brokering of their data.

All Inbox understands that the revenue generated through your data monetization efforts helps determine your monthly media budget. As such, we strive to maintain a consistent monthly revenue stream for our data partners. This consistency allows you to focus on your media buys, which result in more data and ultimately more revenue to your bottom line.

Because all of our data partnerships are exclusive, you are ensured that your data is NEVER re-brokered.

Spam Fighter
All Inbox respects your consumers. Our mailings are delivered to consumers who have opted-in to receive our mailings. We typically mail 3x/day to each consumer.

Unlike most of our competitors who mail HTML advertisements to their managed data, All Inbox creates advertorial newsletters that reflect your brand and contain relevant information for your consumers.

Revenue Generator
It used to be that the more data management companies you had monetizing your data, the more money you made. Not any more. Fact is, at NET VPRs ranging from $0.08 - $0.70, All Inbox can generate more revenue for you than 3, 4 or even 5 traditional data management companies can. And we do this in a way that ensures your data is not over mailed and diminished in value.

The relevancy of our offer selection is reflected in our eCPMs, which are 5x to 9x the industry average.
Results-Oriented Email Marketing
For 9+ years, All Inbox has provided our list partners with sustainable revenue results, which remain unrivaled in the marketplace. Our model is based on exclusivity, transparency, and engaging consumers with relevant content, based on their online usage. While most list management companies send out increasingly more mail due to their inability to inbox, All Inbox relies on data science to ensure we are delivering the right message, to the right consumer, at the right time.
The proof is in the numbers. Over a 3-month period, between January and March 2018, All Inbox saw an average 11.5% open rate, and our third-party email campaigns generated an avg. $6.91 eCPM.  

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